JUST SORTING IT OUT! by Total Office Help Ltd  

You probably have a pile of papers & receipts somewhere - on your desk, in your briefcase, at home, in the car, in your wallet - maybe several piles? 
And you keep promising yourself that you will get round to sorting them out - one day - before year end - before the accountant starts yelling for the files. 
But time goes on, and you're so busy - and the piles grow - and grow - and grow! 
And you can't even remember what is in those piles anymore - maybe the invoice for the printer which you need to report under warranty? Or the phone number for that potential new client? 
Sweep it all into a box or even a carrier bag and let us handle it. We can sort it out, assess what you need and set up a simple system of sorting that suits the way that YOU work so that it's easy to manage and you won't ever 'not be able to find' anything again. 
If you have archive boxes more than 7 years old or just piles of paperwork which you know are no longer needed but you don't want to just throw them in the bin, ask us for our magic bags! 
About the size of a black bin bag but much sturdier, each of our bags will carry up to appx 17kg of paper (that's a LOT - about TWO archive boxes full). You fill them, give them to us, we will take them away & have them shredded & even provide you with a certificate to prove it was done securely & properly. And all for £5 (+VAT ) per bag. 
For all your Management Accounts requirements please call us on 01234 924224 
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